Women of Color Network, Inc. Addressing Unique Challenges and Ending Domestic Violence for ALL WOMEN, Women of Color, their families and Communities.


The Women of Color Network’s Economic
Policy and Leadership Project (WOCN EPL)  leads with the vision that, despite violence and inequity, our communities and survivors are resourceful and
that we are entitled to economic security, a voice
at the table (every table!), and safety and health
for all our communities. Furthermore, we believe
that the inventive innovations we make in
our culturally specific responses and
programs have the power to transform
lives, communities, institutions, the field,
and our society. We  have two webinars for you to check-out! Please follow links below for these important leadership resources:

 Blue Lips Campaign 

Press Release! WOCN, Inc.’s Blue Lips Campaign bluewocn copy2016. Help us Flip the Script on Blue Lips to End Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Against ALL Women and Their Communities. Look for details here: BlueLipsPressRelease



3 Tier System


We developed this toolkit to organize learnings and to further support STOP Administrator engagement with marginalized or “3-Tier” populations. We are happy to offer the 3-Tier System Toolkit as another instrument for STOP Administrators to use to advance their support of local programs and grantees!

The WOCN 3-Tier System Toolkit has 3 Sections listed below. We recommend for your first visit that you start with Section I and continue in number order.

  • Section I is the introductory information an important read in order to place the 3-Tier System Tools in their most useful context and easiest application.
  • Section II To help you prepare to reach 3-Tier population.
  • Section III contains ESSENTIAL TOOLS 3-7, which provide promising practices for implementation.

VOICES Magazine Coming Soon

Say Her Name Edition. Thank you to the many activists and advocates that  participated in the discussion of current events with people of color and submitted articles for the magazine. You had stories to share and voices to raise. Keep an eye out for the upcoming WOC Voices Magazine, the Say Her Name Edition.

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