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Upcoming Events

STOP Administrators’ Levels I & II Action Meetings: Strengthening the Work to Effectively Reach And Resource Underserved Communities

Level I is on October 5-6, 2015. Level II is October 7-8, 2015. For more information:STOPAdministrators


The WOCN 3-Tier System Toolkit for STOP Administrators

illustrationWe developed this toolkit to organize learnings and to further support STOP Administrator engagement with marginalized or “3-Tier” populations. We are happy to offer the 3-Tier System Toolkit as another instrument for STOP Administrators to use to advance their support of local programs and grantees!

The WOCN 3-Tier System Toolkit has 3 Sections listed below. We recommend for your first visit that you start with Section I and continue in number order.

  • Section I is the introductory information an important read in order to place the 3-Tier System Tools in their most useful context and easiest application.
  • Section II To help you prepare to reach 3-Tier population.
  • Section III contains ESSENTIAL TOOLS 3-7, which provide promising practices for implementation.