Women of Color Network, Inc. Addressing Unique Challenges and Ending Domestic Violence for ALL WOMEN, Women of Color, their families and Communities.

The Women of Color Network, Inc.
invites you to the
4th National Call To Action Summit and Conference
November 14-16, 2018 in St. Petersburg, FL!

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WOCN, Inc.’s 4th National Call to Action Summit and Conference (NCTA) will highlight a broad range of culturally specific leadership styles and cooperative approaches to teaching/learning. We will move away from didactic workshops and instead offer a series of inclusive and intersectional critical conversations facilitated by leaders representing cis and trans women of color and those on the margins of the margins, along with white women and male aspiring allies.  Each intersectional critical conversation will showcase the vast and diverse wisdom, knowledge and strategies advocates and activists are developing and implementing to end violence and to heal our communities. We desire to create an experience where attendees will have the opportunity to feel confident and safe to offer and exchange knowledge with as many of their colleagues as possible as we share our legacies and BE the legacies we dream of.

Join the NCTA Sponsorship Team!

At WOCN, Inc., we believe our sponsors are an important part of the success of the NCTA and we invite you to join our team to make this year the best!  https://www.wocninc-4thncta.com/ncta-vendor-and-sponsorship
We are currently providing potential sponsors several opportunities for visibility and interaction with the conference participants. Our diverse and flexible sponsorship opportunities range from sponsoring the luncheons, featured speakers, specific program session tracks, WOCN, Inc. Cultural Welcome Celebration and much more. No matter your budget or size, there is a sponsorship opportunity waiting for you. Don’t miss the chance to highlight your organization with one or more of these sponsorship options. These opportunities will be assigned on a “first come, first served” basis, so join us now!

Contact: Virginia Perez-Ortega and Treceia Bazemore at:  ncta@wocninc.org or https://www.wocninc-4thncta.com/ 


Please consider donating to the Women of Color Network, Inc. Your support helps us continue to open spaces across communities of color to participate in activities that directly affect our communities. These include national open calls for cross-cultural support in response to emerging issues, responses, healing, and brainstorming of how to eliminate barriers that impede justice and our rights to live and work in safe spaces. Please keep an eye out for continued efforts in the WOCN, Inc. Jagged Justice project!

Blue Lips Campaign 

WOCN, Inc.’s Blue Lips Campaign bluewocn copy2016. Blue Lips to End Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Against ALL Women and Their Communities. Look for details here: BlueLipsPressRelease

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WOCN, Inc. 922 N 3rd St, Harrisburg, PA 17102