Principles of Unity Statements

The principles of unity developed by WOCN staff and advisors are:

  • WOCN works to eliminate violence against women and families as well as all forms of oppression affecting communities of color: ie. Native and tribal nations, Asian and Pacific Islander, African and African American, and Latino communities.
  • WOCN does not rank one community of color’s issues over another, but acknowledges the similar yet unique circumstances facing each community and fosters an environment for building multicultural alliances.
  • WOCN recognizes Indigenous peoples as original custodians of this land and while not ranking their concerns above other communities of color, supports their quest to restore sovereignty and sheer existence.
  • WOCN is committed to “national advocacy through action” and seeks participation in national venues and weighs in on critical issues with a position that is informed by WOCN groups, membership, and stakeholders.
  • WOCN recognizes that as individual women of color, in order to be effective at the national level, we need to be based in various locations in the U.S. in order to better represent our constituents, as well as to receive personal and professional support.
  • WOCN is committed to grassroots outreach and having an interstate, regional, and local level impact in support of women of color advocates and activists.
  • WOCN will not compromise its values or mission, and will make strategic decisions how to voice its perspectives or take action in support of women of color advocates, survivors and their families.