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Remember September 18th is the next Jagged Justice Call!

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Ending DACA is Jagged Justice: 

Join our September 18, 2017 

Jagged Justice Call

WOCN, Inc. is greatly disturbed and concerned for the lives of our dear family, friends, colleagues, and communities that are impacted by the decision handed down today to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA). DACA provided a safety net to adolescent and adult children of undocumented immigrants by providing them with work permits, allowing them to support themselves and their families and to build a promising future. The ending of DACA is #JaggedJustice and places in harm’s way dedicated workers who are now in danger of being deported, and DACA recipients who are victims of crime, including domestic violence and sexual assault are now much less likely to reach out for and access help. This has devastating implications for immigrant communities of color who are on the margins of the margins.

WOCN, Inc. stands in solidarity with those directly impacted by the DACA decision, and lift up efforts to support the Dream Act. We invite you to join us on September 18, 2017 from 5:00-7:00 pm EST for another important #JaggedJustice call. As many of you know, these calls began in 2014 to address current and historical, systemic and systematic disparities, brutality and maltreatment within communities of color. WOCN, Inc. continues to lift up women of color working within the anti-violence against women/gender-based violence movement, across our intersectional identities.


On this call we will:


  • Connect the dots between current events and the work of women and men of color advocates;
  • Problem-solve how the movement/field can participate in addressing these important needs;
  • Share the impact the current political and social climate may be having on people of color working in mainstream organizations;
  • Highlight organizing efforts that are happening in communities and sharing ways for others to participate;
  • Discuss what participants would like to see happen across disciplines, locally and nationally;
  • Discuss ways that white aspiring allies can take united action with women and men of color to address these issues.




We are asking that you come ready share actions you are taking or wishing to take!!!

Added Resources for STOP Administrators- STOP TA Toolkit

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Updated: WOCN, Inc. Technical Assistance Guidance

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Covershot Life In The Margins

Life in the Margins: Expanding Intimate Partner Violence Services for Women of Color by Using Homicide and Hotline Data as Evidence –                        A National Technical Assistance Guidance

June 26, 2017
Contact: Tonya Lovelace,
Telephone: 844-WOCNINC or
844-962-6462, Ext. 700

The burden of violence on women of color is staggering. Across racially, ethnically, culturally and linguistically diverse women of color communities, violence and disproportionate homicide rates persist. Studies have shown that women of color face more, and more severe domestic violence. Black women are more likely than white women to be murdered by a partner.  Approximately 4 out of every 10 non-Hispanic Black women, 4 out of every 10 American Indian or Alaska Native women, and 1 in 2 multiracial non-Hispanic women (53.8%) have been the victim of rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetime.

In 2014, WOCN Inc. saw an opportunity to enhance understanding of the particular experiences of women of color by using a culturally specific lens to reexamine data on domestic violence homicide rates (provided by the Violence Policy Center) and data on help-seeking patterns of women of color (provided by the National Domestic Violence Hotline).  This TA Guidance summarizes the findings that emerged from these secondary data analyses and highlights recommendations to improve outreach and response.

The purpose of this analysis was to illuminate the collective, disproportionate homicide rates across and within communities of color and to intensify local, state, and national responses to intimate partner violence. This technical assistance guidance is an extension of the policy recommendations of the Hotline and homicide reports utilizing data from 2012 and 2013. It provides advocates and policy makers with insights on how to use such homicide and Hotline data to better reach and serve women of color. With this TA Guidance, Women of Color Network, Inc. seeks to begin a dialogue to develop multiple individual- and community-level interventions designed to shift cultures of gendered violence, increase safety and address survivors’ immediate and long-term needs. The data and recommendations listed in this TA Guidance may be used to:

• Advocate for funding;
• Mobilize community partners around the issues; and
• Develop an awareness or community education campaign.

This TA Guidance is offered to provide a broad perspective to the field that states that women of color lives matter, the data that is often released is limiting, and it is imperative that we all reach out to the margins and bring this key information to the center. The lives of women of color and their communities depend on it. The Technical Assistance Guidance includes links and references to two WOCN, Inc. reports (unpublished) on the 2012 and 2013 data that serves as a snapshot to further amplify the general guidance that has been released. This report was made possible through funding from the Department of Health and Human Services, Family Prevention and Services Office awarded to the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence with WOCN, Inc.

Life in the Margins is available at: Life In The Margins


About The Women of Color Network, Inc.
The Women of Color Network, Inc. (WOCN, Inc.) is a national organization 501 (C) 3 with a 20-year legacy of serving women of color and other marginalized communities. Three years ago WOCN, Inc. spun off to stand on its own as an independent nonprofit and they need help to build and sustain their infrastructure. The CEO is located in Harrisburg in the Startup building, 922 N. 3rd St. Harrisburg, PA 17102, and additional staff members reside in New York, Virginia, Wisconsin, and North Carolina.  Additional information about the Women of Color Network, Inc. is available on its website.


The Women of Color Network, Inc.
922 N. 3rd St. Harrisburg, PA 17102
Telephone: 844-WOCNINC or
844-962-6462, Ext. 0

Women of Color Voices Magazine: #SayHerName Jagged Justice Edition

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We are so happy to release the latest issue of Women of Color Voices Magazine: #SayHerName Jagged Justice Edition.  We are grateful to the artists, activists, advocates and Aspiring Allies that lent their voices and talents to this special edition! We have two version for your viewing, please click on this Voices announcement to access the digital magazine in two formats!

Multimedia Flipbook edition:

Printable PDF Voices Magazine:

If you are interested in submitting articles for the Fall Edition, please email Zoe Flowers at with your proposed article content, or look for the upcoming request for articles coming soon.

Thank you, WOCN, Inc.