National Call to Action

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Thank you to all who attended the 2015 National Call to Action Summit and Conference Coming Full Circle: Survivors and Communities of Color Leading the Way to Justice and Healing. 

Stay tuned for photos, highlights, comments and notes from the NCTA!


Highlights from the 2012 National Call to Action

From July 9-12, 2012 in St. Paul, Minnesota the Women of Color Network hosted nearly 400 women of color, aspiring allies and men victim advocates, activists and anti-violence movement leaders. Attendees participated in two-day institutes, each specifically designed. Three institutes included a Women of Color Institute, White Woman’s Aspiring Allies Institute or Men’s Institute. The institutes were followed by a joint two-day Conference. Collective Empowerment and Collect Liberation was the theme of 2012.

2012 Pre-Event Teaser for 2012 NCTA Movie Trailer
2012 NCTA Movie (on WOCN YouTube Channel)
NCTA Program Book
2012 Final Report (coming soon)

Highlights from the 2010 National Call To Action

2010 National Call To Action
In May 2010, New Orleans was hosted the 2010 WOCN NCTA where a total of 400 victim advocates,activists, aspiring allies and professionals traveled from across the country to attend the two-day Institute and two- day Conference to discuss strategies to challenge those restrictions that prevent women of color from being fully acknowledged in their abilities to reach their communities and more utilized in the work; and forge a stronger alliance between advocates of color and mainstream advocates in serving communities.

Executive Summary
2010 NCTA Slide Show (on WOCN YouTube Channel)
NCTA Program Book
2010 NCTA Attendees Reporting
2010 NCTA Final Report

For Background on the National Call to Action, visit this page: Endangerment and Call to Action Initiative