Women of Color Reports on Economic Security and Violence Against Women

In a series of five new reports, the Women of Color Network (WOCN) examines the overarching economic barriers facing survivors of violence – and how we can all respond through enhanced policies, programs, and advocacy so as to ensure survivor safety and economic access. The 2014 WOCN Reports from the Field emerged from advocate expertise during the 2011 National Economic Policy and Leadership Summit and a series of three regional convenings in 2013. The reports explore Strengthening Institutional Services; the need for Policy Advocacy; Re-Entry Populations; Tribal Sexual Assault; and T & U Visas, and present the direct expertise of advocates working to end violence across the country. The reports provide background, a scope of the problem, and offer targeted recommendations for advocates, agencies, and policymakers.

T&UVisas Click to read the new reports:


Women of Color Gaining Ground Reports

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The Women of Color Network, Inc. (WOCN) is pleased to announce the release of the WOCN Leadership Series, which premieres two reports based on WOCN’s Expanding Leadership Opportunities within the Domestic Violence Field Project, and a re-release of our 2011 report on women of color in executive positions. The Women of Color Network, Inc. releases its 2014 Gaining Ground Reports! The Gaining Ground Reports feature a collection of survey data, and stories and experiences gathered through focus groups conducted within the four states that participated in the First Round Academy of the Leadership Expanding Leadership Opportunities for Underrepresented Populations Project from December 2011 through June 2013.  The reports are in partnership with the Family Violence Prevention and Services Program (FVPSA Program), Administration of Children, Youth and Families, Family and Youth Services Bureau, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The purpose of these comprehensive reports is two-fold. First, to highlight the need for movement-wide programming and promising practices to better support and sustain the leadership of those from underrepresented populations. Second, to further diversify anti-violence organizations and enhance their outreach and services to marginalized populations. To read the full announcement and reports: Gaining Ground Announcement 11 20 14

The Women of Color Network, Inc. (WOCN) has released (2013) The Women of Color Leadership: A Look at the Experiences of Women of Color Executives in the Anti-Violence Against Women’s Movement.


NEW! Women of Color Network FAQs Collection

In a series of four new WOC resources, these new WOCN, Inc. FAQs are up-to-date, comprehensive and concise resources that are intended to heighten awareness of unique issues affecting communities of color. Topics include Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, Reproductive Justice and LGBTQ Intimate Partner Violence. We will release more in the future. If you are looking for more resources on other topics, please email for additional resources available from the field.

Domestic Violence FAQs

Sexual Violence FAQs


WOCN Cultural Competency, Sensitivities and Allies in the Anti-Violence Against Women Movement: a Resource Manual for Advocates and Aspiring Allies Reaching Out to Underserved Populations

img-thumbccsaThis eight-chapter manual was developed by WOCN staff, advisors and national partners and is intended as a tool for advocates and staff working at Office of Violence Against Women (OVW) funded organizations and community-based advocates seeking to enhance their services to underserved populations.  The purpose of this resource is to provide an introduction to cultural competency, offer an array of resources and information on underserved populations to aid individuals and programs to move through the cultural spectrum and the stages of cultural service delivery, and to share tips and helpful steps for serving as an Aspiring Ally to marginalized communities.


Strategies for Economic Justice “on a Shoestring”

WOCN Young Women of Color Advocates & Leadership Tool

Elder Abuse FactsheetA Mentoring Tool for Advocates in the Anti-Violence Against Women Movement
This tool was created to be a sound guide for young women of color (YWOC) advocates in the anti- violence against women (VAW) movement who are interested in building a mentor relationship. Young women of color, in particular, are less likely to have access to mentors or mentoring relationships, despite the important role mentoring may play in workplace success and professional growth. Although this tool is intended to encourage mentoring of YWOC advocates, it also has applicable uses for anyone trying to establish effective mentorship. Click here to view the tool

Women of Color Network Newsletter: Women of Color Voices

Women of Color Voices is a bi-annual newsletter published by WOCN. It features articles written by the Network’s Women of Color constituency and partners on a wide variety of topics including personal stories, self-care and wellness, issue-specific advocacy, and emerging trends. Women of Color Voices also showcases local women of color initiatives and informs readers of new WOCN developments and national activities.

Domestic Violence FactsheetFall 2008
WOCN has begun to offer in our national presentations what we call the “woman of color constellation,” as a way to describe just how beautiful and complex we are. Our lives, our victories, and yes, our losses are experienced within a kaleidoscope of personal and political identity, beliefs and environment.Click here to read newsletter
Elder Abuse FactsheetSpring/Summer 2007
We are receiving more calls and pleas for assistance around workplace issues in 2007 than ever before, both as calls to our office and through our national outreach efforts. We have come to understand that providing leadership training and networking cannot alone address this issue, particularly when we also are hearing from advocates working in culturally-specific programs.Click here to read newsletter
Elder Abuse FactsheetSummer/ Fall 2006
We are pleased to present Women of Color Voices, the new WOCN bi-annual newsletter. In WOCN’s 9th year of operation, this is the re-launching of a previous vehicle WOCN has used to shrink the miles between us and our membership, colleagues, and friends. Our last newsletter was circulated in 2002, and we are excited to bring bi-annual information and news to you once again.Click here to read newsletter

WOCN Resource Guide

The Women of Color Network Resource Guide is designed to support the work of women of color activists by providing a mechanism for networking, exchanging ideas and sharing resources. Every few years WOCN publishes an updated edition of the Resource Guide. The previous two editions are listed below:

  • 1999 Resource Guide:
    This first edition of the WOCN Resource Guide is comprised of three sections offering valuable information: Our Leaders, Our Resources and Creating Safer Communities for the Next Millennium. Copies may be purchased for $20.00 plus shipping and handling at (800) 537-2238 or TTY (800) 553-2508.
  • 2003 Resource Guide Update:
    This second edition was designed as an addendum to the 1999 Guide. Together the Update and the Guide provide information on over 350 women of color activists and 100 culturally specific programs addressing domestic violence or sexual assault. Copies may be purchased for $20.00 plus shipping and handling at (800) 537-2238 or TTY (800) 553-2508.
  • Next Resource Guide Update coming soon!
    Look out for any future announcements.

WOCN National Event Resource Packages

2011 National Women of Color Economic Policy and Leadership Summit 2011


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